Can Dolmen-Stones offer Re-Connection to Universal mind?

        A new opportunity to ancient spiritual guidance.
        SOL Magazine Issue # 1 September 2008.
        By Yuri Smirnov,,  
        Edited by Regina B. Jensen, Phd,
        Drawings by Svetladushka, the artist,

dolmen Granddaddy         Aren't we humans the most curious of all creatures inhabiting this wondrous yet challenging world? We are forever asking questions about our origins and want answers to our never-ending versions of Why? How? Where?and When?

         As centuries and millennia have passed as part of the natural cycles of this world, great civilizations have arisen, prospered and disappeared leaving behind more or less preserved ruins of their ancient settlements. More often than not, just a mere fragment of some or other item is left behind in the wake of their existence. Among all the remainders of times past, ritual burial sites have been one of the anthropologists most familiar evaluation and interpretation tools. And yet, everything these civilizations left behind for their descendants can really only be represented through those external forms, left for anyone to interpret as they choose. The Egyptian, Mayan or Chinese pyramids, or the countless Dolmens seemingly strewn across the country-sides over large parts of the world, do represent just that - tangible, visual structures of various dimensions and shapes. But is this - along with some preserved writings - really everything that remains for us to cherish from the far-off ancestors of our human race?

         No-one can doubt the existence of a past civilization when looking at the evidence of its tangible remains. But an additional question for many has been whether these remains can offer spiritual information or guidance besides their mere tangible, visual enjoyment. Could these forms represent not only material evidence from antiquity for us, but also communicate the immense spiritual experience which - we wonder - might have accumulated during the course of existence of such a civilization?

         This article is exploring and reporting such a possible spiritual discovery. Supported by literary evidence and increasingly by archeological discoveries which challenge traditional historical (and especially certain religious) time-lines, notably Michael Cremo's work, some modern historians and archeologists have put forward a hypothesis that five to ten thousand years ago a great Vedic civilization existed, prospering and flourishing all over the Earth. The great spiritual texts of the Vedas make up but one part of its spiritual heritage. Very few material traces of its existence have been acknowledged by traditional institutions, particularly since all of the assumptions of our recorded human history would need to be re-written. (Also see about Knowledge Filtering in our Forum Section.) Although valiant scientists and researchers, risking their professional reputations and livelihoods, are promising to solve some of the riddles which scientists have been unable to address. There is a hypothesis now that the ubiquitous Dolmens are silent sentinels and an important material representation left behind by this Vedic civilization. These remains might be able to remind us of the existence of a culture which is thought to have flourished as long as 100.000 years ago, even associated by some with the mythological search for the Aryans. (See our article of the Arkaim)

          Hundreds of thousands of Dolmens are scattered all over the world. They exist in Germany, France, Spain, England, Holland, Switzerland, Israel, Netherlands, India, and Korea, as well as in the widespread regions of Russia.

          Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia tells us that Dolmens (also known as cromlechs, antas, Hnengrber, Hunebedden, quoits, and portal Dolmens) are a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones (megaliths) supporting a large flat horizontal capstone (table). Most date, it says, from the early Neolithic period in Britain (4000 BC to 3000 BC).

          Scientists still do not agree on the purpose of these megalithic structures. And if they harbor any theories, with a few exceptions, they have not disclosed their theories to us. The most widespread hypotheses are as follows. They are:
          ritual facilities - such as altars of druids;
          prehistoric tombs;
          or astronomical facilities.

          The Dolmens found in the South of Russia and in the Northern Caucasus as well as along the coast of the Black Sea, most familiar to this writer, are more frequently in architecturally complete forms, consisting of five or six stone plates and looking like closed stone boxes. You might Imagine four rectangular plates put upright to form the four walls of an enclosure, a fifth lying horizontally as a rooftop and a sixth plate making up the base. As a rule there is an aperture in the front cross-section plate, most often round. They may, however, have a triangular or square opening, sometimes with a stone fuse. The plates are most commonly connected in a groove. The walls of some of the structures are inclined. For many years they were treated as ancient megalithic structures, and more often than not, they were disassembled and the stones used for new construction purposes.

         This was the story of the Dolmens as most people would have told it before the year 1997, and for many people, nothing has changed about their idea of these structures. But in that year, Dolmens rose to prominence by way of Vladimir Megre's Book Two of the popular The Ringing Cedars of Russia series entitled with that same name, with which many of our readers will be familiar. In that second book of the series, published in 1997 (translated into English in 2006) Anastasia talked to Vladimir about the functions of these megalithic Dolmen structures in ways no-one had every even considered. According to Anastasia these sites are much more than just ancient tombs. She explained to Vladimir that they should be directly associated with the living souls of our forefathers and to do so in very literal ways. These ancestors, she said, had undergone severe measures to stay spiritually connected to these structures, so that they could connect with the "Mind of the Universe". They did this with the purpose of preserving those feelings and images of unity with God and all His creation, she said. Here, according to Vladimir Megre, is what Anastasia wanted her readers to know about them.

          She compared the significance of the Egyptian Pyramids with that of the Dolmen structures, but saw the latter as the prototypes of those larger pyramids in terms of their energetic and spiritual significance. She described the Dolmens as much more powerful receivers and points of contact for the Mind of the Universe, and she said they were also much older. The Egyptian pyramids, according to her, functioned similarly, but because of their size, needed more people all around their sides to project, by way of the radiation of their combined thoughts, group energy which would gather at the top of the pyramid. (Might that be the mysterious, un-known function of the "missing" capstone, one might wonder?)

Dolmens speak to us         Before we go on to explore some of Anastasia's amazing descriptions about Dolmens, which she presented to an incredulous Valdimir, it may help to preface her story with her explanation of how she sees the true history of the human race. Anastasia, with her own remote viewing capacity functioning easily through time and space, believes that our race started to degrade from a highly evolved people connected to all powers of Divine Mind to the equivalent of simple-minded dullards about ten thousand years ago. She saw what history describes as evolution, namely such so-called inventions and achievements as stone-axes and the fashioning of spears and other tools as the play-activities of inane and insane "children" who had done the equivalent of dismantling a sophisticated space-ship so as to play with and re-assemble some of its parts, completely unaware of the preciousness and significance of the vessel. In the same way she has described our attempts at space-travel crude and ultimately hopeless and useless. Man, she says, is and has been - as she has proven herself countless times - perfectly able to do all those things him or herself without the man-made contraptions which do nothing but add to the suffering and degradation of Mother Nature and its inhabitants through pollution of all its domains. (See also archeologist Michael Cremo's book: Human Devolution)

          Anastasia further elaborated upon the fact that those of our ancestors who retained their ability to work in unison and as direct expression of Divine Mind, were very concerned about the long-term consequences of this degradation and "fall" of the human race. The few leaders who had retained the connections and powers of their "pristine origins" wanted to help their decedents at a future time, when the planet would have de-volved into the dire condition which they clearly foresaw. By way of diligent meditations, they came upon a most curious solution.

         Vladimir," she explained upon his asking about the powers of the Dolmens, "living people retreated there to die." They went into a form of eternal meditation, she said, although the process seemed more complicated, but as often would be the case, she was at a loss for words to describe this unusual process of their "meditating in eternity" by way of this loving sacrifice. It seems that by consciously leaving their bodies, out of loving care for their human brothers and sisters of the future, they affected a form of "tethering" of their living souls to these Dolmen-structures. But more than that, they therewith actually seemed to have succeeded in tethering a connection of the Mind of the Universe, which they still did possess at that time, to these holy stones as well. As a rule, we learn from Anastasia's explanations, these were Elders of high regard and development and not everyone was granted their request for such a devotional sacrifice.

          The person would go inside the chamber and have members of their Kin-group close the stone-slabs and openings completely, she explained, so that they were completely isolated and removed from sensory impressions. By way of such a de-activation of their sensory organs and lack of the distraction of food, they would open up even more to the Mind of the Universe and their understanding of the activities and the future of what she called the "earth-dwellers." (

          Subsequently, the energy of their Souls, present and forever connected to these stones, was available for those coming thereafter to visit these sacred structures. They could ask anything at all and find answers by way of this pre-fashioned direct "telephone-line" to the intelligence of Universal Mind. This would be helpful until such time that people had re-discovered and re-developed their own powers to function as divine creators again. The spirit of wisdom, Anastasia said, would alwayDolmens speak to uss be present and available to those wanting to mentally consult with it at those sites. Anastasia, of course, has impressed many, including an astounded and stunned government team, with capacities which represent human functioning never before witnessed on this planet. Nevertheless, humble and simple as she is, she will say with irritation "I am Man," I am human and normal ( But she has also explained that, by virtue of her unbroken and pristine ancestral lineage, and having existed by herself in the pure outdoor environment of the Siberian Taiga, her amazing yet human capacities were greatly enhanced. (Ed. note: While few of her capacities are unheard of, and have been displayed by advanced humans throughout the planet's history, to our knowledge there is no human being in recorded history who has displayed them all, and with such ease and integration as has Anastasia.)

           In the Russian Caucasus mountains, not far from the cities of Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Novorossiysk and Sochi, she told Vladimir, he would find many examples of the Dolmens she described to him, including the one of her foremother, which was there to tell women about the powers of a breast-feeding mother who should know how to transmit the secrets of the Universal Mind straight to her infant child. Since the publication of that book in 1997 and Anastasia's descriptions of what she felt to be the true powers of the Dolmens, tens of thousands of pilgrims have visited them. People visit there searching for numinous spiritual experiences or for inspirational feelings and revelations. Questions they may have pondered for years suddenly find answers; healings are experienced; creative potential is discovered. Some individuals start singing spontaneously, write poetry and draw wonderful pictures.

           So what do they really do, these Dolmens? How can any of these experiences be confirmed?

           During more than ten years of pilgrimages since that specific book was published, many people have witnessed and recorded the unusual experiences which have happened for them at these sites, some of them quite significant.

          At the Dolmens, many people have experienced profound - from unusual to extraordinary - mental activity, sensations and events. Certainly, everyone is different, but commonly reported events are: a sudden enhancement in physical well-being, such as boosts of energy or relief from pain. Others experience what seems to be a temporary change to the worse, such as feeling squeezed, hungry or fatigued. These experiences seem to depend upon a person's preliminary state, including their physical, mental-emotional and spiritual preparation and condition.

          People who have visited a particular Dolmen have frequently reported that they could suddenly not find it again and likewise, while walking around a quite familiar place, they would be surprised to discover a new Dolmen. There may be unusual visual effects around Dolmens such as light generating objects. Oftentimes people, using various kinds of cameras, find white circles on their photos later, which have no material explanation. Others have had unforgettable, out-of-time sensations.(Ed. note: While camping in the Gelendzhik region, one evening I was led through the forest for a long time to meet a woman living there, amongst the trees, so as to be able to examine her collection of photographs of Dolmen phenomena. These included an amazing number of the round light phenomena called "orbs", sometimes dozens of them around a single Dolmen, none of which could have been mere visual illusion and/or camera, lens or lightening problems. She even proudly sported a certificate from some scientific institute attesting to the photographic phenomena as bona-fide examples of unusual occurrences around the Dolmens.)

          Furthermore, visitors report unusual sensations and thoughts during their meditation or different levels of perception. An indispensable condition for a positive, enriching experience seems to be a quiet, harmonious and balanced emotional state which arises only after the release of major stresses. Also, attaining to a mental state most appropriately described as unbiased and neutral, would seem to facilitate much better results. This level of consciousness is experienced as being without expectations.
Some people have had unforgettable, out-of-time sensations at the Dolmens. Then, the body seems to be able "to fly" all day long in the mountains, without suffering from heat and cold or feelings of hunger. Different types of constructive, creative ideas on themes of interest may come unexpectedly. Solutions to previously insoluble situations are easily found, and new prospects can reveal themselves.


          A common occurrence after a visit to a Dolmen is a sudden deeper insight into what would seem to be a common truth. Thinking can also become more clear on many wider metaphysical issues, or perception of them at a new level, namely being able to integrate them for one's own personal needs, allowing the movement from understanding to actual application of the received knowledge in everyday life.

          Below is a list compiled by people who gathered experiences visiting with the Dolmens during several years of pilgrimage. They are sharing their "lessons learned" regarding the necessary conditions for a satisfying visit. All of those experienced pilgrims agree that the inner state and behavior of a person at the Dolmens will inevitably reflect upon the quality of the events happening to him/her during their visit. Some examples they cited were:
          - a necessity to adjust and attune yourself, to be in harmony with yourself and Nature just before and during your stay at the Dolmens (such as purification on all levels would be an ideal preparatory adjustment), which may help to bring you far beyond your ordinary skills and abilities;
          - a condition of general openness as a necessary condition of perception and to create positive changes;
          - an absence of any expectations, a release yourself state, trusting in your own nature, which can then also open a new way to perceive reality and increase comprehension.

          Significant changes have occurred for people in terms of how they begin to conduct their everyday lives after a visit to the Dolmens. Their state of health improves, as well as social attitudes and their future outlook on life, all quite different from the momentary desires which may have ruled their lives before.

          For many of the visitors, the understanding of the experiences received at the Dolmens has led to the feeling that their life, as they had heretofore lived it, was missing essential aspects for ultimate happiness and true fulfillment.

          From all reports, the general agreement seems to be that the Dolmens "endow pilgrims with increased abilities to realize any action they wish." They allow one to experience "enhanced control over behaviors and goals, and to direct or change them in desired ways." Also, there were increases of a "sense of independence and healthy distance from both internal and external influences." Others reported receiving "impulses for self-realization", allowing completion of "unfinished business" and becoming a more self-sufficient individual "unaffected by compromising obsessions" from which they may have suffered.

          These conclusions, in return, lead to an idea that for many individuals, Dolmens can represent a powerful means of an unusual kind of learning, namely the ability to gain what is experienced as a clearer picture of the world. They are tools of a sort with which to safely experiment with one's sense of Self. These newly acquired methods have promoted personal growth in individuals so affected, towards any direction they wish. A few professional psychologists, engaged in helping people with psychological and other concerns and needs for self realizations, or trying to increase internal self-support, have started to use the Dolmens in their work. Some even go so far as to conduct sessions and seminars with their patients at Dolmens.
And individuals with special sensitivities, such as clairvoyants and psychics, seem to be able to read the thoughts and feelings coming from the spirits of the Dolmens more easily, clearly and completely than others. One of them, a Russian woman by the name of Victoriya Ivchenko (Vita: has received a message from them addressed to all people living on Earth. Here it is for your consideration:dolmen spirit

          "Hello Children, hello Dears! We address you with great anticipation and Awe it has been so long and yet so instant. If we could speak without words, via feelings only, we would but your sweet souls have just begun to awaken from their long slumber, and only words filled with deep feelings are able to awaken them. And so we try to find those words best suited and meaningful to your hearts, those words which will make sense both to your reason as well as your feelings.

          "There is much written about us in many different books and why we withdrew into the Dolmens. Some say perhaps those ancient slabs are simply ancient tombs, and no universal wisdom is present in themOh, dear children We are there indeed...your very brothers and sistersyour friends and forefathersand not far at all, but we are very close to you, as if it was just yesterday...

          "You may ask what kind of wisdom we took away with us... it is the same wisdom each of you carries in your own heartwith one difference only: we did not fall asleep for all these many centurieswe were never asleep...we saw everythingbecause our souls roam beyond ordinary time and spaceand now, with anxious passion and hope, we extend ourselves toward your souls because we do remember you and who you were before you fell asleep.

          "We still remember your clear eyes in which the Light of the Father was reflected. We remember your light thoughts and your creative dreams. But yes, we do remember and saw much morewe also saw you walk your paths without faith and in forgetfulness thats why we feel such great excitement now and joy... for from our deepest selves we want to reconnect with youwe now wait quietly for the time in which you will call on us. Not because we want to teach you our wisdom, but to connect with you as our equals, as our brothers and sisters.... That is the true wisdom. We want to awaken you by way of feelingsto sing your soul into true self-remembrance, so that your memories will begin to flow, like the river of life, and your pain will dissolve into loveThere are no words to express all the feelings we have held for you through all this time....

          "Here we were waiting for that time when you, not through your thoughts, but feelings would listen to us and hear us from within yourself in your feelings and thoughts hardly perceivable at first, but growing into unmistakable certainty.
"For so long we tried to prevent your souls from falling asleep...but your consciousness was going...slowlyfrom life to life, your souls, reincarnating...were filled with distorted memoriesdespair and confusion grew.

          "But we knew, that even in centuries to come, your ability to communicate by way of feelings, from heart to heart, would not be lost completely...maybe one more, another less, but people never ceased to feel each other without wordsand hence, if they would want, we knew that they could feel us too.

          "We too could not imagine how we could go through countless incarnations while maintaining our pure memory, our true feelings, and the great harmony and image of our Divine Father....And so, while pondering this terrible dilemma, a thought dawned upon one of us, and then to us as a group...that we could refuse to reincarnate refuse life in a physical bodywhile yet not returning to the Father so as to be dissolved in Him, but to remain here on Earth with youbut without the bodies which would make us vulnerable to distortions.

          "These Dolmens seem Incredible and unbelievable to you. But there was a necessity for them...and a deep meaning for them. While our minds were free in many wayswe had received an answer to our plea of how a soul might remain here on Earth but without a body...while yet not just floating in the air like a discarnate spirit. But have an earthly home, a place where people could come to visitmaybe even after millennia....Oh, dear children of our Kinour plans came true at last...and our Dolmen-homes still stand todaywaiting for you...very much you.

          "We bow to you deeply. We belong to each other. We have always been one united family...and the words of one person uttered with feeling, will awaken others....Remember that!"

          Some people are called to Dolmens as sacred places for pilgrimage. A person who has responded to such a call can be purified and filled with their own sanctity. Making a conscious pilgrimage can cause profound changes in oneself and fills one with energdolmeny to reach a new level of self growth.

          In conclusion, I want to confirm once more that Dolmens are not just places of power or concentrated energy points simply carrying information, as is the case with many special, sacred sites in the world. They are the living souls of our forefathers displaying a wide variety of sensations and feelings from the beginning of Creation. They carry knowledge from the time of our very first ancestor, Adam. Through their ingenious sacrifice, it appears that they have managed to carry and protect this knowledge through millennia and now wish to share this wisdom with us.

          The spirits of the Dolmens can be understood by those with open hearts as the keepers and carriers of the feelings and images of our "pristine origins," as Anastasia has described it. And this is what the Dolmens seem to want to re-convey to us. As our recluse of the taiga promises, even just using picture-images of the Dolmens (see our separate article) can convey immense amounts of information and knowledge (see the Dolmen photo-page and back cover.) But again, this is only possible to comprehend this information if you can open your heart and communicate with the Dolmens by way of your feelings rather than your reason. Our mind, via its activity of reason is simply not capable of apprehending the kind of messages and information stored for us, but they are definitely accessible and communicable through the language of feelings.

* * *

          Editor's Note: Your friendly editor, while editing this article so as to replace some of Yuri's Russian English with her own German English, could not help smiling "all the way" when reading the experiences of other travelers, and especially Vita's poetic meditation. Long before the Dolmens had any meaning to me - and while Anastasia's reports actually seemed unacceptably "out of this world" to my academic mind - the Dolmens took it upon themselves to "rattle" Vita, whom I did not know at the time, in her kitchen very far away from Gelendzhik, and "told" her to enable me to come to visit them - from the United States, that is, where I was harmlessly enjoying my life. The only tenuous connection Vita and I had at the time was through our shared friend Yuri in New Zealand, the author of this article.

         My experiences, doubts firmly in hand, could not be more confirming of the data Yuri shares above. I had NO expectations whatsoever, mostly because I could not quite "wrap" my - still cynical - scientific mind around some of Anastasia's proposed history of the Dolmens. And so, exhausted as I was from my lengthy travels, I would just respectlessly lie on top of the stones or lean against them to nap. Alas! I first thought my tiredness was causing me, quite instantly, some sort of hypnagogic, at times almost hallucinogenic state. In time, the scientist in me became curious and once I could not deny any longer that it was not my exhaustion, but some other set of dynamics which were causing these phenomena, noticed very strong, but quite different flows of energy at each Dolmen. I can best describe them as seemingly an "urgency to share," because upon my connecting with each set of stones, a soft but continuous or contiguous flow of information would begin, quite enchanting and interesting and each time of a distinctly different quality. None of it, I am embarrassed to report, I wrote down for posterity, because I did not really bring any questions or dilemmas with me to Russia at the time. It seemed that the Dolmens had summoned me, and abused poor Vita to travel there at great cost to her family so as to be my guide, just so they could say "Hello" to me, which I did. Meanwhile, as you can imagine, I have a very warm and open heart towards these amazing stones and can, at will, connect with their amazing energies and gifts. R.J.

        Copyright  Yuri Smirnov: please feel free to share this article everywhere! :)))

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