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Dolmens gallery. Krasnodar region.



Places of Power.

People have always been fascinated by the unknown and by the mysterious things driving them to travel to exotic, far-away countries, and their aspirations were caused not only by curiosity... It was a call of ones soul to meet distant countries and people. Why, for what reason, you might ask, my soul would want to go far away to the edge of the world..? The fact is that people, since olden days, were always driven to visit "places of power". Whether it be to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone or on a religious pilgrimage people will seek out any "place of power" if they believe it can help their soul or peace of mind. Over time, "places of power" may have even come to include rehab facilities or recovery centers such as Morningside Recovery for some individuals. For those looking for an answer to solve a problem, whether it be addiction, mental health or even just enhance their spirituality, people will be traveling to "places of power" until the end of time.

What "places of power"? This is what I want to tell you about.... Many folklore and historical sources tell us that about 5-7 thousand years ago on the territory of today's Russia great and wonderful Vedic civilization lived and prospered.  That was a blossoming of harmony of humanity and nature... I will not tell you much about it, just one thing. People of that era's civilization were different from modern people by their outlook and way of living and feelings they lived through. You see, it is not a secret that we experience moments of joy, happiness and love like sparkles that light up our life for a short time and then die away.  

However we know intuitively that all these feelings are able to be revealed in us to the full extent. And here we have Dolmens that are indeed  "Places of Power" created by our ancestors with the purpose to help us reveal everything included in a human being by God and Nature.

For the past 10 years since Anastasia told us about the sacred mission of dolmens, many people, hundreds of thousands have visited them. And many people have got amazing experiences, revelations,  they received answered the questions they were pondering for years... and some even got healed at dolmens.

Sometimes you can see the spirit of dolmen as a transparent bluish ball of light floating in the air...

Spiritual tour (pilgrimage) to dolmens.
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Build Sacred Relations with dolmens through your photo!


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