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The message. Spirits of the Dolmens address to you...



"... Hello, children, hello, darlings! With great trembling and awe, we address to you … such a long way we had and so instant…. If we could speak without words, by feelings only, we would speak … but your loving souls have just begun to wake up from a long sleep, and only the words filled with deep feelings are able to wake them up. And thus we try, to find those words so suitable and meaningful to your hearts, the words, which will make sense both to your reasoning and feelings.

There is a lot written about us in many different books and on what reason we went into the dolmens, they say perhaps those ancient slabs are simply ancient tombs, and no universal wisdom is present in them…

Oh, sweethearts, oh dear children … we are there! We are! Brothers and sisters of yours… your friends and forefathers… and not far at all, but we are so close to you, like yesterday all it was…

What kind of wisdom, you may ask, we have carried away with us…, same wisdom each one  of you has in ones  heart… with  one difference only -  we did not fall asleep for all these centuries long…We were not asleep! we saw everything… our souls roam beyond ordinary time and space… and to your souls, with quivering passion and hope we do strive… for we REMEMBER you, before you fell asleep!

We remember your clear eyes in which the Light of Father was reflected! We remember your light thoughts! And your creative dreams! Yes, we remember and saw much more … we saw you walking your ways and paths without faith, and memories… That’s why such an excitement sincere we feel, both trembling and joy for with  our dearest souls we want to get in touch… we wait quietly, for the time you will call us… Not that our wisdom we want to teach you, but in you, in  equals as our  brothers, that wisdom, we want to arise with feelings! To awakenTo sing you a song that your soul could remember its true real self,  so your memory would gush, like river of life so pain would dissolve in love…  For hearts would start biting joyfully! There are no words to be found to embody all these feelings we have kept for centuries for you…

Here we wait quiveringly…when you, not with your reasoning or words, but by feelings only will listen to us  and will hear us within yourself… in your feelings and thoughts… hardly perceivable at first, but later on they won’t be mistaken for anything else…that innermost voice inside of you, the streamlet … the taste of water…so sweet and intimate, so dear to your heart, may the streamlet of your feelings revives and joins the river… and feeds the LIFE…

…For long we searched the ways of how to prevent  our souls from falling asleep to preserve and safeguard everything for our dearest loved ones, for the Kin… for all vedrusses, whose sleep was already inevitable… Your conscious was falling asleep slowly…  from life to life, your souls, being reincarnated, allowed for distorted image to get in… Lost were memories, in despair and confusion feelings did dwell…

We knew, that even in centuries to come, the ability to communicate by feelings people completely would not lose! One more, another less, but people would never cease to feel each other without words… and  hence  if they want, they would be able to feel us as well…

But we did not see in what way we could go through reincarnations, over and over and at the same time  maintain our memory, the feelings, and the great harmony and the image of Father. And then a thought dawned upon one of us, and even not one, it came as joint decision to a question… to refuse reincarnations… life in a physical body … And yet, not to return to the Father being dissolved in Him, but remain here on Earth with you…

Incredible and marvelous seem dolmens to you. There was a necessity for that… There was a deep meaning to it.  For our minds were free in many ways… and had determined with ease, the solution to our plea on how for a soul to remain here on the Earth. And furthermore, not just float in the air, but to have a home, a place where people could come to…may it be even after millennia, our darling loved ones,  children of the Kin … The idea appeared to prove itself true our dolmens stand till nowadays… and waiting  for you, dear ones… for YOU!!!

We bow to you to the ground! We are united! We have always been and awakening comes by united Kin… Words of one person uttered with feeling, will awaken others…"

This message was received by Vita Ivchenko, in January 2007. Vita is Russian, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, she has been working with spirits of the Dolmens for many years.
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