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          Dolmens... These ancient stones are said to be Keepers of Feelings and Wisdom of what Anastasia of the Ringing Cedar book series calls "our pristine origins".  Some people come to dolmens as sacred places for pilgrimage ( Making a conscious pilgrimage can cause profound changes in oneself and fill one with energy to reach a new level of self growth.

Build your own Sacred Relations with dolmens
through a photograph!

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dolmen photo

dolmen photo

dolmen photo


         It is well-known that a photograph of a person is spiritually connected to the original. You can even ask psychics to make a photo reading for you and they will tell you a lot about the person on the photo.

         It is also known that a photograph of a person, being placed in a holy or sacred place, somehow "absorbs" the energy of the place and passes it to the original. This way you can also make remote spiritual connections with sacred places.

         You can even build your own spiritual relationships with dolmens and here is how we can help you with this!
         For those wishing to visit the dolmens in person we organize several dolmen tours/retreats every year. Provided for any reason  you can't be there "in flesh and blood", now you have a chance to build a remote connection with a dolmen through your image/photo (or your friend and relative's).

How it all works:

Your photo at Dolmen

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dolmens          The familiar, simple Dolmen stone-structures found all over Europe have been thought of and described as ancient burial chambers, relics from times passed with little immediate relevance to us modern folks. But new interest in these odd structures was awakened for readers of the Ringing Cedars book series from amazing descriptions offered by Anastasia, their heroine. She explained the true function of the stones to Vladimir in a way which stretched the imagination of some of the readers quite a bit, explaining that certain advanced ancestors from Vedic times could foresee the troubled times in which we are now living. They did, she said, make a commitment to stay close to these structures, by "tethering" their souls to them with a special devotional process they used to consciously pass over into the other worlds. In that way and by way of this sacrifice, they were able to make themselves very directly available to answer questions to earnest seekers. While such explanations might produce a self-fulfilling prophecy from the sheer expectancy of a visitor, the experiences reported by many meditators are quite striking nevertheless and have been life-changing for many.
         Even for those individuals who have a hard time believing that these dolmens, now visited by thousands of Anastasia's readers, could offer anything other than comfortable shade, they reportedly have had profound effects on even doubtful visitors. These effects are described in various ways and even our skeptical editor of SOL Magazine seemed to have been "tricked" into some amazing discoveries. While subtle experiences in sacred sites are best described by each visitor, here is a short helpful explanation from an experienced pilgrim. Below, it is explained how the messengers of these stony sites might be of most help by simply working with dolmen photographs - an idea which came from Anastasia herself.


How to work with photographs of dolmens for guidance

         Dolmen photos accessible here -

         Some pictures from September 2013 tour:

         And more pictures from May 2014:
         Take some time during the course of the day when you can spend twenty to thirty minutes for yourself.It is best in the morning, right after awakening, to prepare your spirit for the day, or in the evening, when you have time to think, understand and process what may happen and to dream about the future. Take your time and look carefully through the photos of the Dolmens. Choose one of them that appeals to you. Define your problem or purpose as carefully as you can with the question foremost on your mind: What do you want to ask the Dolmen-Energy? You may also state what you wish to change in yourself or in your life.
          Greet the Spirit of the Dolmen. Close your eyes and try to visualize the image of the dolmen photochosen Dolmen in your mind. While trying to create inner silence, not being distracted by extraneous thoughts, ask the question or decision for which you want the Dolmen's help. (Stay present for fifteen to twenty minutes). Having asked your question, listen inside yourself for the answer. It may seem hard to believe, but answers will surely follow. It is better to write down the answers on a piece of paper for later. Additional understanding, realizations and insights may continue to occur. Having finished your work, give thanks to the Dolmen and say goodbye to it. There is one essential prerequisite when working with Dolmens, which is pureness of thoughts and aspirations.
           One thing that can help maintain that pureness would be applying proper cleaning techniques that would help preserve the integrity of ancient structures such as these dolmens. Knowing what cleaning techniques are proper is key too because you certainly wouldn't want to use methods utilized by cleaning service companies in New York for cleaning stone structures since they are very different.

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Dolmens of Northern Caucasus. Pilgrimages Photo Gallery.


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