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Spiritual tour (pilgrimage) to dolmens.



Please see an excerpt from the movie "Sacred Russia. Dolmens of Zhane river" on YouTube
Another Video: Dolmen tour 2009
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          For thousand years people have been fascinated by the unknown and by the mysterious things driving them to travel  to exotic, far-away countries and visiting places of power... Many folklore and historical sources tell us that about 5 to 10 thousand years ago there was a great Vedic civilization prospering and flourishing all over the Earth. Indian Vedas and places of power named dolmens are the greatest material and spiritual heritages left by this wonderful civilization. Hundreds of thousands of dolmens scattered all over the world... In Germany, France, Spain, England,  Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, India, Korea and on the widespread territory of Russia.

           And now we are happy to invite you for a spiritual trip (pilgrimage) to dolmens of Krasnodar region of Russia in the vicinity of Gelendzhik, and Abinsk (see the map below).  There are hundreds of dolmens waiting for you to come.

         Many wonderful, non-trivial, extraordinary and unusual things happen at Dolmens. You may experience disclosure of the potential you have been born with. Many people open themselves for new talents, they never had before - writing verses, singing, dancing... some people paint wonderful pictures, all feelings are disclosed, inner vision and intuition are revealed... people realize their predestination, sometimes their life is completely changed and as a result, people come into harmony with themselves and with the Universe and start to perceive the Pulse of Life by their  feelings.

         Today we can by rights call the Dolmen tour a Pilgrimage for its spiritual nature and many witnessed and recorded amazing experiences, from unusual to extraordinary - mental activity, inner transformations, sensations and events.

         As technology has advanced, people can now read stories and reviews about other people's experiences on the Dolmen tour or other spiritual pilgrimages. Those such reviews can even help a person decide to go on their own pilgrimage. Unlike other reviews that might try to sell a product or help you find a service like Home Advisor with their Home Advisor Reviews finding a contractor for a customer or travel reviews to find vacation destinations, going on the Dolmen tour can help people on an entirely different level.

         You shall have the opportunity to visit the dolmens, aged from five to ten thousand years, a fascinating Shetinin's school, the only school of its kind in Russia and probably in the World, ancient stone outcrops, the "Star gates" and other sacred places of Krasnodar region. Mountain rivers and waterfalls, springs, lizards,  glowworms, turtles, raccoons and martens - all these experiences and encounters will reside in your memories and soul forever...

Photo reports and testimonials from the Dolmens Tours, 2007 - 2013

Northern Caucasus Dolmen area
Northern Caucasus Dolmen area
Your Dolmen Tour Map
Dolmen tour map

Your journey begins at Krasnodar airport, Russia.

* * *  Dolmen Tours 2014 * * *

- April 21th to 30th (10 days)
- May 21th to 30th (10 days)
- September 21th to 30th (10 days)

Tour Itinerary:
Walking trip to the dolmen located in Pshada village (at 100 m from the hotel where we stay)
-- Trips along the mountain river Pshada (visiting dolmens on the left and right bank)
Trip to fascinating Shetinins school located in nearby Tekos village (you can visit the school twice or more times upon your request)
Trip to the dolmens located on the land of the farmer Bambakov, these dolmens were described by Vladimir Megre in the  "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of books, book 4, chapter 32, "The old man at the dolmen".
- Trip to the famous dolmens and mountain waterfall located on the Zhane River.
- Jeeptrack to the "Village of dolmens".
- Trip to the famous Mount Nexis, to the dolmens Solar and Lunar.
- Trip to the group of dolmens on Mount Tsygankova
- Trips to the beaches of the Black Sea for relaxation.
- Participating in Vedruss Festival (September tour only!) Please check some photos from these amazing event (click on the pictures to enlarge): Vedruss Festival 1, Vedruss Festival 2, Vedruss Festival 3, Vedruss Festival 4 

Your Guide. You will have a very special person as your guide. Victoriya Ivchenko (Vita) is a psychologist and a clairvoyant; has a few years experience channeling from the dolmens. She wrote a book about dolmens and provides Dolmen's readings to people. You can contact her at

Your accommodation. You will stay in a comfortable small private hotel located in Pshada village. All modern amenities including satellite TV will be at your disposal. Please see some pictures of the hotel features below (click on the picture to enlarge).

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel


Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Pshada hotel

Russian visa. You will need a Russian visa to enter the country. Please let us know if you need any help with the papers (invitation etc). Depending on your country of residence it may take from one to three weeks to get a visa. Visa and invitation fees are not included into the tour cost.

Tour cost. $1450 US for 10 days tour. 
This includes all tour charges and costs in Russia, transportation, food, accommodation and Translator's and Guide's services. Your airfare is not included. Your Moscow-Krasnodar round-trip airplane ticket will cost about $500. You should consider this expenditures as well. We have to ask you to pay $250 US deposit in order to book your space in the group  and also to arrange motel bookings. The rest of the money are payable in one sum upon arrival to the place. After you pay your flights and tour cost no more expenditures are applied (everything is included) unless you buy some souvenirs etc. :)

Discounts. You may bring your children with you, children of all ages older than 6 are most welcome.  A 30% discount is available for kids from 6 to 12 y.o. Group discounts are also available (3 or more people).

Refund policy. The deposit is non-refundable but may be transferred to the next upcoming tour upon your request. If you are not able to make the tour for any reason please let us know as soon as possible. The deposit is 100% transferrable provided you notify us no later than one month before the tour starts. The deposit is 50% transferrable provided you notify us later than one month before the tour starts.

Please send all your enquiries and questions to Yuri at     

The number of spaces is limited. We don't accept more than 10 people in each group. So, please book your space early.
Click on PayPal "Buy Now" button below to make a $250 deposit payment and secure your space (totally secure!).

Build Sacred Relations with dolmens through your photo!





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Build Sacred Relations with dolmens through your photo:

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