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Acquaintance with Eco-tourism.



Eco-tourism is meant to take very good care of nature and people. Imagine how nowadays a man spends all day long staring at the computer's screen,  in an office filled with artificially conditioned air..., it is an absolute extreme for such a person to stay in nature long enough, he can fell unconscious breathing in a good portion of fresh air instead of big city's smog. It is a shocking experience for a modern man to get food not from a supermarket but to pick it from a wild-growing bush or to get some milk to drink right there from a cow!  Long walking may cause pain in one's feet and leg muscles that are used to push car pedals only. Many cannot stand for more than 5 minutes of walking barefoot. And  it is a real challenge to put themselves under the ice-cooling waterfall stream! Even camping in the woods or nature camping as some call it, has become less and less popular in today's society.

In Eco-tourism we learn about cooperation and co-creation with nature. Nature loves human, there is nothing in it truly dangerous for a human being, everything serves humans faithfully, we just have to educate ourselves on how to understand nature. And the nature gives us back feelings of real joy, happiness and love. It is exactly what all the living human beings are missing in their life in spite of all kinds of superficial successfulness. Nature is unconditionally happy, joyful and full of harmony. And we can learn all that from it! Its love for humans is unconditional, free and endless like God's love...

Organic, ecological consumption is becoming more popular in the modern world today. And products of wild nature are the most expensive ones all over the world. It is only in Russia where gifts of nature are still freely picked up right from under ones feet. Why go to a safari or expensive resorts? Russia has to offer a natural wilderness of insuperable purity. Humans just forgets that they are children of nature... Try to feel the real earth under your feet instead of asphalt. Yes, here comes an adventure and enormous amount of new feelings! Eventually, a person comes to understand the quality of life in nature and begins to strive towards the nature. Everything is learned in comparison...

Spiritual tour (pilgrimage) to dolmens.





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