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"Love, being spread in space for one can touch many souls." Anastasia

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We all are co-creators of "Space of Love" and our planet is the place where we learn and contribute from our heart.

In the year 1995, Russian businessman Vladimir Megre was on a trading expedition on the Siberian rivers where he met with Anastasia, a young woman living as a hermit. Her home is in the remote Siberian cedar woods or Taiga. This encounter transformed him so deeply that he abandoned his commercial plans.  Penniless and completely enraptured by his experience he went to Moscow to fulfill Anastasia’s request that he write a book about the spiritual insights she had shared with him. 

In spite of her living in deep forest Anastasia knows alot about people from the outer world. To gain information she uses her beam of light, based on imagination or something else which helps her to visit any part of the world, whatever she likes to see.

The idea of Space of Love proposed by Anastasia sounds wonderful and reasonable at the same time. She states that every human being has the ability to radiate love at all living creatures which is so delightful for them that they gladly care about humans in return. This is a place where every herb, insect or animal is filled with love towards a man and this is the only place where a man can be really happy. Anastasia invented the way to make ALL people happy. Everybody can create their own Space of Love on the Earth, so that finally the whole planet will be covered with  a large united Space of Love as it was a long time ago. The question is - where do you choose to live - in the world of hatred or in the world of love?

At first, the story sounds like a modern day’s fairy tale or legend. But there is something transcendental in the books which have an incredible emotional impact on a person. When reading certain pages of the books you are getting filled with great excitement and such a deep feeling of divine truth that hundreds of thousands of followers are becoming unsurprised by it all. Inspired by Anastasia’s dream about “Family (Patrimonial) Estate” where everyone can create their own Space of Love, many people in Russia and former Soviet Union republics are ignited to bring Anastasia's dream into reality.

Since 1995 V.Megre has written a series of eight books about Anastasia and her ideas.  There has been more than 10 millions copies of the series sold so far. All books are at the top of bestseller’s list in Russia. Some books have been translated into 20 languages. All eight volumes have been recently translated into English. The biggest miracle of these books are not the persons or the stories that are described in them but the depth of feeling which these books release from the reader. There are only a few books in the world which can speak to the deepest levels of consciousness in people like the Anastasia books can.

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Dear friends and like-minded people! Space of Love needs your support!

If you feel like you want to be the change of the World please support us with your actions! Here is what you can do to help us spread the word about Space of Love co-creation:

 1. Supply your friends and local libraries with the books of The Ringing Cedars series and with some issues of Space of Love Magazine. You may bring book 1 Anastasia (and a copy of SOL magazine) to the libraries as a gift along with some posters and general information about Space of Love co-creation. (Library staff usually know nothing about it so you will have to give them enough info to raise their interest.) Suggest them to order other books of the series (or just give them the books and SOL magazines if you can afford it).

 2. Come over to your local library's manager with an offer to organize a small exhibition (a display board) of The Ringing Cedars series and Space of Love Magazine. They usually don't mind it if you bring all books, magazines, posters and information and they will only need to provide you with a space for a display board. For the display you may take the books from the library stock if they have them already or just bring your own.

 3. Visit your local spiritual, ecological, green societies (like "New Age", Theosophical, Anthroposophical, Rudolf Steiner's, etc, whatever you know around) and tell them about The Ringing Cedars series and Space of Love Magazine.

 4. Internet. There are a lot of spiritual forums and blogs where you can tell about The Ringing Cedars series and Space of Love Magazine, raise the interest in Space of Love co-creation and answer the questions etc. Please do write me to and I will send you a list of spiritual forums where you can talk about it.

 Please note: I have files with The Ringing Cedars poster and booklet and also a couple of fliers and some other info that may be put on display. You can download them directly from here:

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 As for the Space of Love magazine, here is a link where you can subscribe (if you have not subscribed yet). As far as we know SOL magazine is the only printed magazine (in English) of Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars) type in the world. So if you subscribe you will support not only Space of Love magazine but the whole Ringing Cedars movement.

For those subscribers who are keen to spread the word about Space of Love co-creation around the World we are happy to send  a few extra copies of SOL issues for free to give them to your local library and friends.

 With Love and Light!

Yuri Smirnov,
SOL magazine, publisher,

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