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"Love, being spread in space for one can touch many souls." Anastasia

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The best books from my spiritual library

The Master and Margarita. Download Ebook!

Mikhail Bulgakov. The Master and Margarita

A master-piece from one of the greatest mystics and Light workers of the 20th century !

"...The Master and Margarita as a whole is a consistently free verbal construction which, true to its own premises, can re-create ancient Jerusalem in the smallest physical detail, but can also alter the specifics of the New Testament and play variations on its principal figures, can combine the realities of Moscow life with witchcraft, vampirism, the tearing off and replacing of heads, can describe for several pages the sensation of flight on a broomstick or the gathering of the infamous dead at Satan's annual spring ball, can combine the most acute sense of the fragility of human life with confidence in its indestructibility."  Richard Pevear

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Hermit and Sixfinger. Download Ebook!

Victor Pelevin.   Hermit and Sixfinger.

     From Victor Olegovich Pelevin, b. November 22, 1962) is a Russian writer, one of the most acclaimed and successful to emerge in the post-Soviet period. His books usually carry the outward conventions of the science fiction genre, but are used to construct involved, multi-layered postmodernist texts, fusing together elements of pop culture and esoteric philosophies.
    Pelevin's prose is usually devoid of dialogue between the author and the reader, whether through plot, character development, literary form or narrative language. This corresponds to his philosophy (both stated and unstated) that, for the most part, it is the reader who infuses the text with meaning. One of his novels bears on the cover the inscription, "Any thought that occurs in the process of reading this book is subject to copyright. Unauthorized thinking of it is prohibited."


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Excerptions. Download Ebook!

Mikhail Naimy.    The Book of Mirdad.

Born in 1889 in Mount Sannine of Lebanon, Mikhail Naimy completed his secondary education in the Baskinta (Lebanon) school, studied at the Russian Teachers' Institute in Nazareth and the Theological Seminary in Poltava, Russia. He moved to the United States where he received degrees in Law and Liberal Arts at the University of Washington. After graduation he moved to New York, where along with Khalil Gibran and eight other writers he formed a movement for the rebirth of Arabic literature, the New York Pen League. He was the Vice President and Khalil Gibran was President. In 1932 he returned to Baskinta, where he lived for the rest of his life. He wrote 99 books, including drama, essays, poetry, criticism, short stories and biography, and died on March 1st, 1988.
Among his best known books is the Book of Mirdad, a mystical text first published in Lebanon in 1948, which was translated into English and published in London in 1962.

MIRDAD: Love is the Law of God. You live that you may learn to love. You love that you may learn to live. No other lesson is required of Man.

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