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Issue # 1 is out in September 2008 !


SoL Magazine. Issue # 1


Welcome to the first issue of our - your - Space of Love magazine! We hope you find it full of unreported news and views and take it as a source of inspiration in co-creating a GLOBAL SPACE of LOVE.

In the mid-1990s, the seemingly accidental meeting of entrepreneur Vladimir Megre and a beautiful recluse from the Siberian cedar forests, Anastasia, turned into the amazing Ringing Cedars of Russia book series. This marked the beginning of the Green Revolution, a fast-growing national idea in Russia. One of the philosophies brought forth by Anastasia is the concept of a Space of Love: the creation of a loving Family Domain or Kin's Estate, where families learn to provide their own food and create for themselves and one another small plots of paradise and security, all over the world.

This idea, as a powerful metaphor as well as an explicit invitation to create Spaces of Love all over the world, served as inspiration for us to co-create this magazine.

According to Anastasia, everything on Earth, from a tiny blade of grass to a giant tree, from the smallest insect to the largest animal, was created to serve the benefit of Man. And, she says, as they are themselves divine creatures, they experience no greater joy than being showered with love from Man. They feel human love instantly and react accordingly, offering their best service in return. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions, both destructive and creative, materialize not only as we co-create our own reality, but also through these animal and plant Beings.

Anastasia has inspired millions of readers to change the experience of their reality and start correcting those activities in their lives which cause suffering. She inspires more conscious living, co-creative dreaming and imaginative thinking.

Anastasia's suggestion to create a Space of Love - a Kin’s Domain - for ones family, children and descendants on a piece of land of about one hectare in size, is as simple as it is brilliant. Eco-villages and Kin’s Domains have now sprung up all over Russia and the movement is gaining popularity in other countries, as quickly as Vladimir Megre's books are translated.

People are following their longings and eagerly returning to the land, to the basics of living together, surviving and thriving on their own, getting whatever they need from local resources. Working in harmony with nature, they rely on their land, on their own inner knowledge and what they have learned from each other and their ancestors. And yet, there is no need to retreat into the forest entirely. The mechanical and technological achievements of the modern world are also welcome, if necessary.

Even more importantly, in so doing, these individuals learn to create Spaces of Love in their own hearts and then pour that love into their land as they cultivate it, into the trees, the animals, and ultimately into their neighbours and fellow human beings. Their thoughts and way of living begin to touch everything surrounding them with love and in this way their Space of Love grows larger and larger, eventually surrounding the whole planet. This process of creating one's own Space of Love is a rather recent movement, and yet, due to the power of bringing true inspiration for action, it has already had a dramatic effect upon our civilization.

New conscious-living communities, eco-villages and Kin’s domains are "popping up" around the globe like fast-growing seedlings. People are anxious to hear about the news from their nearest or farthest neighbour communities, to share their experiences, knowledge and achievements on how to continue to co-create a planet for themselves and each other which radiates with joy and generosity.

We are starting our Space of Love Magazine both FOR such inspired people and ABOUT them and their lives. They are truly co-creators of Spaces of Love - real and metaphorical - all over the world. The latest news about Eco-villages and Kin’s Domains with photos of everyday events and celebrations, advice on how to plant and grow cedars and other trees, interviews with people sharing their knowledge, useful tips and achievements, research, knowledge of our ancestors, Vedic culture, resurrection of spiritual images and emotions reuniting us with our Divine Origins, Dolmens, information about innovative, non-conventional education, new inspirational fairy-tales for children and adults, books, inspirational music and video reviews related to Space of Love co-creation – these are some but not all of the topics you will find in this magazine.

"Love is the Law of God. You live that you may learn to love.

You love that you may learn to live. No other lesson is required of Man."

-Mikhail Naimy. The book of Mirdad


- Your Space of Love Magazine Team

Statement of Purpose

 We recognize the present time as a transitional period for humanity, with massive transformations on their way to a new era of more refined dimensions. With this in mind we consider this a final call - of Nature and of Divine Mind - to carefully collect and spread the information about Space of Love so as to assist people with this transition gracefully and joyfully into a new era of Love and Harmony. We are all co-creators of some or other Space of Love, and of our planet , and with the help of Nature, we truly learn and contribute from our heart.


The magazine is published 4 times a year. Each Issue will consist of 40+ pages with black and white photos and pictures and coloured cover. See content of Issue # 1 below.
     You can also read some of the articles here.


SoL Magazine. Issue 1 Contents

Space of Love magazine, Issue # 1 cover

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Yuri Smirnov,
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