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All my conscious life I was pondering questions like "Who am I on the Earth?", "What am I for?", "What is man's predomination?". I was grown up in atheistic traditions of the communist Soviet Union. But I have always felt that there must be something beyond materialistic world. So I began to learn the Bible trying to read behind the words.  I also got into learning some spiritual thing through communication with "souls" of dead men which definitely was a wrong way as I realized afterwards. I was baptized in a Russian orthodox church when I was 23. Although I have believed in God's existence I was not a true believer as I never attended church regularly. I was not satisfied by what I saw in churches indeed, but when life was turning really tough I visited churches and sincerely prayed asking for help. At the same time I tried hard to find my own path. I have been learning many different soul- and spiritual-related teachings: Occultism (black and white magic), Teaching of of Dharma (Karma), Theosophy (by Blavatskiy), Agni-Yoga or Alive Ethic (by Rearich), Daoism (Taoism) and some others. I have known that I learnt something useful from each of them but none of them could satisfy my inner feeling completely. I have also been interested in natural way of life and alternative medicine for about 10 years now. When I began to read books by V.Megre about Anastasia, my inner feeling said me: this is it! I could feel that every single word being told by Anastasia has echoed in my soul with true admiration and enthusiasm.

I have had a very special day in my life (September 27, 2003) that I consider to be my second birth. That special day I've got the answer about my predomination, I just realized what I am for in this life. I saw my past, my current and my future in a single moment of self-realization. I have no words to describe what I experienced. Can you describe in words a flash of lightning? It is just impossible! At that very moment I realized that everything I've done before was supposed to bring myself to the path I was about to take. It is very simple. Anastasia has proposed the way to make all people happy by creating their space of love. So I decided to put all my efforts to create my own space of love and to spread Anastasia's ideas around the world. I feel this is right and this is a real way to save human being from those catastrophic consequences where our insane technocratic civilization led us to.

So I have made and got up a website dedicated to Anastasia and her ideas both in English and Russian and I would be really happy if you take your time to look through my website Space of Love.  You see, it is quite possible that you will find yourself, your true predomination on this path...

Have a nice journey!

Well, if you are not too bored and have some extra time then here is some details from my biography.

I was born in October 27, 1962 and originally I am from Russia although I live and work in Auckland, New Zealand for about 6 years now. I have been divorced in 2002 and been living alone since. My ex-wife and I are still very good friends. I've got two children, two boys: Anton, 21 and Max, 20 years old whom I love dearly and see almost every day. They live in Auckland too.

I was born and grew up in Grozny town, the capital of Chechnya, a small republic of the former Soviet Union that has become so terribly known nowadays. I was graduated from Grozny Oil Institute in 1984 as an engineer-geologist. In the same year I got married. In Grozny I used to work in geophysical research institutes being involved in a number of scientific projects. After declaring of Perestroika in 1985 and crash of the Soviet Union which followed later the things were getting worse day by day in Chechnya. Uniformed armed people appeared on the streets and it seemed like the air itself was filled with fear and hatred. Saving our children and ourselves we managed to escape out of Chechnya in 1992 like many families did who felt the terrible things were coming.

We settled in a small town of Krasnodar region in about 40 km far from Novorossiysk, Black sea. It was vulnerable, tough and vague time in Russia, the time of political and economical shocks that shook everyone. Scientists appeared to be out of use yet I still had to support my family. So I started as a real estate agent and in about two years got up my own small real estate company. I was running it till the year 2000 when we finally decided to immigrate to New Zealand. We applied for New Zealand residency then I quit the real estate company and last year before the depart I worked in Novorossiysk under the Caspian Pipeline Project as document administrator. We've got our residence permission and left to New Zealand in August 2001. After being in New Zealand for about a year my ex-wife and I made a decision to get apart and got divorced later.  The time proves that was a right decision as nothing but friendship left between us. So at the moment I live on my own and keep supporting my ex-wife and my children. For the last  6 years I have been working for NZ geophysical and geodetical companies providing field surveys and data processing. You can learn more about my working skills and experience from my Resume and references: ref1, ref2, ref3.

In 2008 I returned back to Russia and I am working on several projects now, embodying my dream into reality.

1. Along with my friends I am now in a process of creation of a new magazine "Space of Love" dedicated to spreading the word of Space of Love and to sharing the news, skills and knowledge of Space of Love co-creation around the globe. Please have a look here - http://www.spaceoflovemagazine.com The general idea is to create a GLOBAL magazine in as many languages as possible to present information about Space of Love creation and creators sharing their news and knowledge all over the world. We start with Russian and English editions and will go further onto translation to other languages. In our Space of Love team we have about 10 people from the USA, Canada, Australia, Netherland, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine and we still need more inspired people to cooperate with, enthusiasts in other countries who would like to be contributors: authors, translators, correctors, editors, journalists, artists etc. Now it is all based on our enthusiasm and is meant to be subsidized at contributors’ expense. Later on when there will be enough subscribers and the magazine will bring some profit, part of this profit will go for salaries to cover editors and translators work. This will be like a franchise; each country will have its own edition of “Space of Love” magazine and all editions will contain the same articles and will be coordinated from the central office, however they will also contain their own information related to specific country.

2. I work on translation of sound tracks of some professionally-made high-rated movies about Kin's domains, dolmens, etc, created in Russia by inspired people. I have two films dubbed already into English about eco-village of Kin's domains "Rodnoe" and "Slavnoye". Please have a look here:

3. Together with other inspired people I organize spiritual tours to dolmens, sacred places of Krasnodar region, Shetinin's school etc. - http://www.spaceoflove.com/dolm_tour.htm      Having this in mind I came back to Russia this spring to meet with people and to see everything with my own eyes. I met with academician Michail Shetinin personally, and l have to say that he is not just unordinary man and innovator-teacher but is a true mystic and enlightened being too! Next tour will be in September this year. Along with visiting dolmens and Shetinin’s school the tour program includes participating in annual Festival of Positive Creation in Vozrozhdenie village.  We plan to organize two or three group tours per year. Private tours are also available.

Would you like to go for the tour yourself?


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