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Flowers can brighten a home or a garden unlike anything else. Whether you're a first-time gardener, a plant sciences student or are simply curious about the natural world, there are many resources online to inform and inspire your gardening future. Growing your own flowers can be a rewarding pursuit, as you watch them transform from seeds to seedlings to blossoming plants. Many seasoned gardeners also order flowers and plants online to fill out the array of colors in their home gardens and include exotic species in their bouquets.

Butterfly Plants: from Flower Delivery to Planting

Refer to this website for resources related to butterfly-attracting plants.

Emily Compost: Gardening with Kids and Flower Delivery

A kid-friendly resource includes information on everything from roses to Christmastime flowers.

Environmental Themes: From Global Warming to Online Florist Services

A school-run website includes wide-ranging environmental themes.

Food and Growers: Flower Delivery and Local Farming

An ecological approach to farming includes farmers' markets and CSA programs.

Friends of Gladstone Valley Woods

This organization features resources related to preserving natural forest land.

Oregon Fresh: For Kids, from Flower Delivery to Local Produce

A thorough list of links teaches kids about all aspects of growing.

Designs by Susan: from Flower Delivery to Greeting Cards

A personal website features a directory of design and gift-related links.

Garden Web Links: Flower Delivery to Gardening Tips

Peruse these links for information on everything related to flowers.

Gamequarium: Math, Reading and More

Kids can learn about various school subjects from links on this website.

Garden Club of Endwell: Resources

This gardening club provides resources to curious gardeners.

WiseAcre's Garden Links: from Buying Seeds to Online Florist Services

From local farms to seeds, these links cover various gardening themes.

Kids' KHS: Flower Delivery and Growing Your Own Flowers

Children can access age-appropriate resources about flowers and plants.

Kids Link & Search Page: Find an Online Florist or Other Resource

A website aimed at kids features varied plant and flower-themed links.

Australian Zookeeping: Kids Stuff

On this engaging site, kids can learn about zookeeping, gardening and more.

Florida Department of Education: School Gardens

A resource for students and educators includes information on gardening programs in Florida schools.

Ypsilanti Garden Club: From Growing it Yourself to Flower Delivery

A local gardening group features a resource directory with information on various plants and flowers.

The Bee-Magic Chronicles: from Flower Delivery to Flower Pollination

These links include conservation and gardening-themed resources related to bees.

Glenn Apiaries Resources: From Flower Delivery to Breeding Advice

Beekeepers can find a range of scientific and commercial resources to inform their work.

Blue Banded Bees: Great Links

Find resources about Australian bees at this comprehensive site.

Bob's Beekeeping Supplies: Flower Delivery to Bee Health

Topics covered in this link directory include beekeeping clubs, bee health themes and research and development.

Pollinators: From Flower Delivery to Garden Planting

This informative page outlines the ways you can encourage pollinator species in your area.

Flowers and Pollination

These materials provide everything you need to learn about flowers and pollination.

Honey Bees and Pollination

The National Honey Board offers information about the natural sweetener.

Celebrate National Pollinator Week

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service offers information about pollinators and the pollination process.

Pollinator Partnership: from Flower Delivery to Selection

This non-profit organization offers information about a range of pollination themes.

Pollinator Conservation: Fact Sheets

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation provides thorough information sheets about pollinator conservation.

PollinatorLIVE: Lesson Plans

Educators or parents can refer to these lesson plans to teach kids about pollination.

Hands-on Lessons and Activities about Plants

These plan-themed lessons are good for a range of ages and learning levels.

Plant Life Cycles

From PBS Learning Media, this lesson focuses on the stages of life that a plant goes through.

From Seed to Plant

A unit of lessons focuses on various plant-related themes, especially for grades PreK through 2.

Science Lesson Plans: Plants

The National Park Service provides this informative third-grade lesson plan about plant growth.

What Is A Plant?

Teach young learners using this lesson plan from the Partnership for Reform through Investigative Science and Math.

Green Belt Movement: Partners

An international ecological movement counts on these partners to further their worldwide work.

Student Beans: Flower Delivery and Other Deals

Students looking to order flowers can save money with this program.

RIAcentral: AJAX-Powered Website for Online Florist

An article details ecommerce in the floral industry.

MediaMath: Our Clients

The digital advertising company MediaMath provides support for these and other companies.

British Trust for Ornithology: Our Corporate Sponsors

These companies help the BTO to preserve bird habitats and bird populations in the UK and worldwide.

Monthly Gardening Calendars: From Flower Delivery to Planting to Harvesting Times

The Oregon State University Extension Service furnishes gardeners with a wealth of useful information.

Flower Beds: From Online Florist Suggestions to a Planting Guide

Washington State University has put together this primer on preparing a flower bed.

Lesson Favorites

From Cornell University Cooperative Extension and Department of Horticulture, these lessons focus on plant biology and gardening themes.

Kidsgardening: Flower Delivery and Growing from Seed

The non-profit National Gardening Association maintains a page of kid-focused gardening resources and lessons.

Master Gardener Programs

The American Horticultural Society provides a countrywide map of the Master Gardener programs offered around the United States.

Master Gardener Factsheets and Resources

The University of Vermont Extension Master Gardener Program provides resources on everything from composting to soil testing to plant hardiness maps.

Beekeeping 101: Flower Delivery, Bee Health and More

From Penn State University Extension, this resource covers all aspects of keeping bees for honey.

HortAnswers: from Online Florist and Plant Shops to Working the Soil

The University of Illinois Extension Service maintains a searchable database of gardening FAQs.

Beginners' Guide to Gardening: from Flower Delivery to Gardening

From the Royal Horticultural Society, this guide outlines your first steps as a gardener.

Getting Started with Gardening in Florida

For those in warmer climates, this guide offers advice on how to begin.

Gardening Publications

Colorado State University Extension maintains a lengthy directory of online resources for gardening and yard care, most available for free download.

Home Gardening Guide for your Family

Home gardening is a great opportunity to teach your children more about nature and the world around them.




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